Lofi Birds & Atmospheres

Lofi Birds & Atmospheres

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Atmosphere loops have the power to set the overall tone and emotional direction of your lofi and chillhop tracks. Your music deserves truly authentic, natural, and high quality samples to help you tell your story.

This is the purpose and essence of Lofi Birds & Atmospheres.

Pack Details:

  • 15 Birds & Chirps Loops
  • 9 Frogs & Crickets Loops
  • 9 FX & Transition One-Shots
  • 16 Office Texture Loops
  • 12 Percussive Foley One-Shots
  • 12 Processed Texture Loops
  • 5 Rain & Drizzle Loops
  • 5 Streams & Waterfall Loops


If you’re ready to expand your sound, increase your production workflow, and add authentic character to your tracks, this sample packs for you!