Artist Series: Bugle Bot

Artist Series: Bugle Bot

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Have you ever noticed that your favorite lofi and chillhop beats typically contain groovy, mellow, and vintage horn lines? Have you tried to replicate those organic trumpet vibes with VST’s or overused Splice samples, but can’t reproduce the ‘real’ emotion that you’re looking for? Many of us within the producer community have faced this exact problem. That’s why I teamed up with the uber talented Bugle Bot to bring you REAL trumpet licks!

What's included in the pack?

6 Horn Loops - These loops infuse trumpet and alto sax layers to create unique, thick, and full melodies. These loops were recorded at 80bpm to give your lofi, chillhop, or mellow beat an additional touch of horn filled goodness! Be one of the first producers to utilize these tasty Horn Loops in your beats!

33 Trumpet Licks - Each trumpet lick is organized in various keys (Ab Major, F minor, C minor, etc…) to allow for ease of use. Already have a beat with melodic elements? Experiment with utilizing these tuned horn licks as fills or create your own melodic top line!

4 Trombone Licks - These short trombone licks can be used as a layering tool to thicken up any of the above horn lines. The dark tone and low octave of the trombone creates a unique mellow vibe that will catch listeners attention!

2 Beat Kits (24 Percussion Loops) - Bugle Bot created 2 unique Beat Kits which include 24 individual percussion loops that you can instantly use in your productions. He utilized the original drum and atmosphere samples from Mountain Beats Volume I to create these unique and original loops.

Who is Bugle Bot?

Bugle Bot (Ben Hartman) is a multi-faceted trumpet player and music producer based out of Denver, Colorado. This dude has serious talent. Bugle Bot is currently attending his third year at Berklee College of Music (one of the most prestigious music schools in the world) where he is studying music production and jazz. Since launching his project in 2018, Bugle Bot has garnished nearly 300,000 Spotify streams on his original music. Aside from his talent, Bugle Bot is also one of the chillest dudes that I have met within the music industry. 

This is the very first pack in the ‘Artist Series’ collection. Every ‘Artist Series’ sample pack will highlight the raw talent, creative individualism, and unique instrumental flavor from artists all over the world! By purchasing this pack, you are supporting the art of fellow producers, musicians, and artists who are on their journey to become full time musicians. Thank you for supporting your lofi, chillhop, and mellow beats community!

Feel free to connect with Bugle Bot and become a part of his artistic journey! You can find him at (@buglebot) on all socials.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please send me a DM (@chilledsamples) or send me an email (

Cheers to creation,

Cody Christianson (Chilled Samples)